Review: Igloo Magazine

Source: Igloo Magazine

"Within the last few years the production of home made ambient releases has increased sharply to the point that is almost impossible to follow the rhythm, to appreciate and to give fair attention on everything. An incredible amount of net-labels rise and die every day, including musical projects. Due to the ocean of releases, I must say that we sometimes neglect to notice the good ones which appear to be highly confidential if not invisible to larger audiences.

Scattered Lodges is one recent discovery for Igloo and a young project coming from Wichita, Kansas. The sound signature oscillates between ominous droning textures, post-rocking noises and space music. For a first opus I consider the result to be quite convincing, beautifully composed and delicately evocative. I’m particularly found of the languid and cinematic “The Atoms We Share” and the deep static dronescape “Out of Body.” An interesting new comer which deserves to be heard in the world of drone ambient music. If you like expressive droney textures and electronic isolationism, no doubt that this album will seduce you. Recommended for fans of Hecq, Loscil, Olan Mill, Marconi Union."